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Now practising at Premier Sports and Spinal Medicine

620 High St, Thornbury 3071

Why choose First Place Osteopathy?

Quite simply, First Place Osteopathy is the first place you should visit if you’re suffering from any type of musculoskeletal ailment. Offering professional and effective treatment for a range of symptoms, we’re committed to helping our clients in Melbourne regain their health in a safe and comfortable way.

Our expert team are skilled in working with a variety of conditions and we believe the best way to approach treatment is by devising an easy-to-follow plan. Musculoskeletal pain can become quite overwhelming and it can be all too appealing to try a quick fix, but the long-term solution will deliver lasting results.


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What We Love to Treat:
Back Pain, including acute strains and sprains and chronic pain that seems to never go away
Headache(s) and neck pain
Shoulder pain
Knee and foot pain
Pregnancy related pain or discomfort
Sports injuries
Repetitive strain injuries (Tendonitis and Bursitis)
Postural and workplace injury
Elbow and hand pain
Approaching treatment in a realistic way, we don’t up-sell particular ‘wonder products’ but instead, work with you via our expert tactile therapy to achieve long-lasting results. We work together with you to carry out a treatment plan which will target your issues effectively.

Here for you

No matter what type of musculoskeletal pain you suffer from, if you visit First Place Osteopathy, we guarantee quality treatment and a listening ear. We offer Private Health Insurance Rebate for all of our services, and Worksafe and TAC patients are welcome.
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